Dorset Wildlife Rescue

WILD MAMMALS & BIRDS OF PREY RESCUE….. We are unable to take in garden birds or seagulls

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About DWR


Dorset Wildlife Rescue is a purely volunteer organisation that relies entirely on public support.

Dorset Wildlife Rescue was co-founded in 1999 by Nick and Sandi Ridge, supported by many fantastic volunteers.




Sadly in April 2013 – co founder Nick Ridge lost his battle against cancer – however his wife Sandi, loyal supporters & volunteers will continue with Nicks passion &commitment to animal welfare to ensure that his legacy of Dorset Wildlife Rescue will continue to ensure all injured & orphaned wild animals receive the care they need.

In spring 2012 the general day to day running was transferred to our head rescuers Chris Easton & Sarah Boswell & in Autumn 2012 the exciting process began of transferring to new premises in Dorset which are managed by Chris & Sarah. This excellent new location provides improved facilities with more land for rehabilitation.


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We rescue, treat and rehabilitate all wild mammals, such as Badgers, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Bats,  and in fact any wild animal. We also rescue all Birds of Prey including all species of Owls and birds such as Buzzards and Kestrals.

(we are unable to take in garden birds or seagulls)

We have specialist RELEASE PROGRAMMES for all species which ensures that our patients have the very best start possible when they are returned to the wild as fit and healthy individuals.

Dorset Wildlife Rescue relies exclusively on donations from our supporters to keep going. We would be unable to do the work we do without your support. If you would like to support our work rescuing and rehabilitating injured wild animals in Dorset, there are a number of ways you can help: Please see our pages on Donate , Supporters, Corporate/Sponsors. 

National Wildlife Rehabilitation Award

In 2005 Nick & Sandi were honoured to receive a national award from IFAW.

We had a great day at the House of Lords where we were given the award by some notable Peers incl the late Tony Banks.

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We are proud to announce that the famous author and the very lovely Miss KIT BERRY has agreed to be our patron, Kit is the author of the wonderful  Stonewylde series of books….Her heart is in the countryside and wildlife of Dorset and we are thrilled she has agreed to be our patron… PLEASE CLICK ANY OF THE PHOTO’S TO VISIT KIT’s WONDERFUL STONEWYLDE WEBSITE………….


 We are equally honoured to have the Bafta award winning

wildlife photographer and film maker, Dr David Shale as our patron. Most of you will have seen his work on David Attenboroughs series The Blue Planet. I recommend you take a look at his website where his amazing work can be seen.


 Here I must take the opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to Bob Carter from Nature Travels who is not only a good friend and supporter. But he also gave his time and considerable technical expertise to bring this website into existance, for nothing more than a his love of animals and a thank you……

Bob and Sofia are longtime supporters of DWR, but they are also stalwart supporters of the Dorset Badger Group……

They own  NATURE TRAVELS and I strongly suggest you take a look at their website…

If you’ve ever wanted to to trek with the Sami pepole as they migrate with their Reindeer, or stay in a log cabin in the heart of Swedens wolf country then they are the people to talk to….


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