Dorset Wildlife Rescue

WILD MAMMALS & BIRDS OF PREY RESCUE….. We are unable to take in garden birds or seagulls

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DWR tries to hold regular fundraising events but we are always grateful to anyone who feels able to come up with an idea and would like to help organise an event.. So if you think you might be able to help… we’d love to hear from you..     email us at

Here’s a few snippets of past events………..


 Medieval Valentines Ball


We are thrilled to say that ‘SCHELMISH’, probably the very best Medieval Rock Band in the world are also great supporters of DWR.  They played at a recent fundraising event for us and will do so again. We are so chuffed at their support for us and when they play for us again, you’d be crazy to miss it…

Schlemish Charity Gig in benefit of DWR



Folk Night


 Photo’s from various fundraising events

i.e  Art Auction, Ball, Magic Show, The Coranied Players etc etc Plus photo’s from the second Schelmish gig in Summer 09




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