Dorset Wildlife Rescue

WILD MAMMALS & BIRDS OF PREY RESCUE….. We are unable to take in garden birds or seagulls

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Corporate Sponsorship for ‘Green and Environmental’ issues is the by word for success for 21st century businesses. Todays customers are actively seeking out companies whose green credentials are in line with their own.

Dorset Wildlife Rescue is a volunteer organisation whose whole ethos is solely based on wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and as such would be an ideal partner to enhance your companies green activities. We actively work with sponsors for our mutual benefit.

For example.. Our Wildlife Ambulances are on the roads of Dorset, West Hants and South Wilts everyday. Recent statistics claim a busy van is seen by over 3,000 people per day, that is over 1 MILLION a year. And every one of those people sees our sponsors logo and associates them with good causes.

Equally, our sponsors receive further coverage in both the local press and television. Press Releases are always generated by major sponsorship activities and our ambulances are seen on television during filming.

For example.. Our Wildlife Ambulance (with the sponsors logo) was shown  regularly on episodes of ‘Pets and their Vets’ broadcast on ITV recently. ( That series is now showing in the US and Scandinavia )

Sponsorship of Dorset Wildlife Rescue is also seen by your staff as a very positive step. We work with your PR team to ensure you are get up to date reports to enhance your staff newsletters/company magazines etc. And many companies actively encourage their staff to get involved in Dorset Wildlife Rescue’s work, be that ‘hands on’ work, or fundraising.  Both of which ensures more publicity for your company. Equally shareholders are keen to promote their ethical credentials by supporting companies that are seen to be green, even if only in a small way. Power and Utility companies especially should be seen to be promoting themselves as ‘green companies’. Banks and financial institutions have received a bad press of late and sponsoring Dorset Wildlife Rescue publicly is an excellent way to change the public’s, and your customers, perspective.

For example..Press releases are welcomed by the media when a companies work force take part in, sponsored bungee jumping, marathons and any ‘unusal’ activities.

We have strong relationships with all branches of the media who love to cover stories of our patients, our fundraising events etc etc, and sponsoring companies take much of the credit for those events.

There are numerous of ways that sponsoring DWR can be done, and there is of course no minimum or maximum figure and each company will receive our commitment to ensuring a mutual benefit.

This list of DWR’s sponsored requirements is far from exhaustive, but gives an indication of our needs….

Transit sized van for use as our Wildlife Hospital Ambulance ( to replace our ageing main hospital ambulance)

Website Sponsors…… (obviously with reciprocal links)

Release Pen Sponsors (  for purchase of release pen or to supply materials i.e timber, wire meshing, kennels etc )

Rescue Equipment Sponsors

Rescue Workers Clothing Sponsors

Fundraising Ball Sponsor

Latest Sponsors

Bournemouth and West Hants Water Co

On 10th August 2010 we were very pleased indeed to be donated a van for use as a Wildlife Ambulance by MD  Mr Roger Harrington and Company Secretary Alison New. This ambulance is now on the roads of Dorset, Hants and Wilts everyday and has given our volunteers the ability to do their rescue work with a far greater degree of professionalism.








Nick Ridge (Co-FounderDWR) receiving the keys from Mr Roger Harrington M.D. Bournemouth & West Hants Water 










Please feel free to contact our Co-Ordinator, Mr Christopher Easton, if you would like to discuss the options and mutual benefits of sponsoring Dorset Wildlife Rescue.


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